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Saturday Saddle Club

Hey Kids! (February 2010) - There will be no riding for at least another month sorry - It is just too wet - the ground is all soggy and slippery and the horses hate being bogged - plus it is hot and humid and there are tons of mosquitoes and march flies around - and I know you all hate them! - So just be patient - let the horses have a lovely rest - you be good and concentrate on your homework for the new school year - plus do all your stuff for your Mum and Dad at home that you are meant to do - you know - clean your room, be kind to your brothers - etc etc - you know the drill and keep reading these pages - and as soon as I know when we can start I will write it in here and you can get your Mum or Dad to phone me and we will see you after that!  OK?  So - see you all soon and looking forward to taking you all out riding again.

Sharon and the horses.

Hidden Valley Trail Rides is the home of an unofficial Saddle Club where Cooktown kids (and their mum's or dad's who want to ride,)  meet at the stables every Saturday for an hour or two or three of learning to ride and trail riding.  

2010 Prices - No Change - $15.00 per hour - but $20.00 min (1 hour)

2010 Times

0800 - 0900 - 1 hour tiny tot led rides

0800 - 1000  - 2 hour beginner rides

0900 - 1000 - 1 hour older kid beginner rides

1000 - 1300 - 3 hour rides - for the more confident kids that can trot.

1500 - 1700 - 2 hour rides - for the more confident kids that can trot.

This unofficial Saddle Club is also available for visiting kids and mums and dad's when there is space - but book early!

Classes and times can vary, depending on demand.

Bookings are essential - any kid that noshows without notice loses her/his spot.  Any kid that does not come for 2 weeks in a row could be re-assigned another horse or lose a spot.  Once a fortnight bookings are acceptable.

Me on Anook with Coralee on Abdullah, Jodi (hidden) on Bridgett,  Imogen on Manuel and Cassia  on Apache  - Nov08

Adult Saddle Club Foundation Members

Penny, Cami and Leanne

Penny, Cami and Leanne and I are the foundation Adult Members of our own unofficial 2009 Hidden Valley Saddle Club.  It's not easy to join and you have to do stuff first to past the tests.  #1 - you have to be an adult but not necessarily a Mum or Dad and come out riding with us on a 3 hour Saturday Ride - with the kids.  Then it's the hard stuff -  #2 - You have to supply refreshments before, during or after the ride and drink it with us - for the rest of the afternoon/evening at least!  Then, on approval from the foundation members, you are in and have become a full Member of the Hidden Valley Saddle Club!

Penny on Apache June 09 (above pic)

                                Cami on Shabha Oct 09                                     

Leanne on Abdullah - Oct09


Joe is the dad of Imogen and Isaac, beaut Saddle Club Kids.  He is also a full member of the Saddle Club having past all the necessary requirements to join. He is, actually, over qualified, having supported the 2008 3 Day Ride to ERE by doing all the back up vehicle and campsite/cooking work.  Here he is in his ute loaded with camping/horse gear for the 3 day ride to Walker Bay beach where he hosted about 20 humans and at least 14 horses at his magnificent property near the bay - Oct 09.

Kids Saddle  Club Foundation Members

These are the kids who either started in 2008 and/or were all attendees for the 2009, 3 hour rides - and who all contributed to the success of the Saturday Kids Rides in one way or another.  Without them, there would be no Saturday riding for Cooktown Kids.

These are the kids that started it all - out at the Endeavour River Estate for the big 3 day E.R.E. Ride Oct08 -  Isaac, Coralee, Cassia, Hayley and Jodi  (back row) with Imogen and Izzy in front.


Daughter of Adult Foundation Member Penny and sister to Tiny Tot Rider Telina and her brother Beau.  One of my favourite little riders.  If she does fall off, she dusts herself and climbs back on, her smile bigger than ever!  Learnt to ride in 2008 on Mac and graduated to Dusty, riding him on the big 3 day ride to E.R.E  Oct 08. She now rides anything that she can climb on, as long as its a horse!  But her favourite is still Bridgett.  Here she is with Sarah riding Bridgett Aug 09.


Another pearler kid - daughter of Foundation member Cami.  Here she is Aug09 riding Bridgett whom she learnt to jump logs on.  A bush kid that has been on her mother's horses before she could walk but still enjoyed the Saturday club rides and who I will miss - both her and her mum Cami, as they left Cooktown Dec 09.  But hopefully they will be back!!


Daughter of Foundation Member Joe and sister to a 2008 Saturday kid rider Isaac. One of my favourite Saturday kid riders.  She is certainly the most keenest.  She learnt to ride on Manuel, June08 and was the quickest learner in rising to the trot.  No trail, or jump, or hill, or no creek crossing ever fazed her and the bigger the challenge, the happier she was.  A future Olympic Equestrian in the making!

Dusty with Imogen, Izzy and Kristeen, Oct09







Cassia was one of my favourite kid riders.  Her love of horses and riding was only surpassed by her dedication and determination to get it right, especially the rising trot. She learnt to ride on Apache and I happily graduated her to one of my favourite mare's,  Anook,  whom she rode for the whole of 2009. Their bond and respect for each other quickly turned into a partnership which was a joy to watch.  Sadly, Cassia and her mum  moved away from Cooktown, Xmas 2009 - 2010 Saddle Club will be very empty and quiet without Cassia.  And who can I choose to ride in Anook in 2010?

   Cassia and Apache - 3 Day E.R.E. Ride, Oct 2008                      Cassia and Anook, August, 2009  


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