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The other Arabs

It's pretty obvious that I love Arabians and Cherox Arabs in particular.  These are descendants of the famous Al Karim Surahlima.  You can view all the other relatives with Cherie Blackman's own Cherox Arabians website on cheroxarabians.com.au 

Cherox Shabha

Shabha is in training as a Lead Horse and then hopefully one day, (when I have more time)  he will be trained up for endurance riding.  He is a 15.1 hh Dark Grey Arabian Gelding with an attitude and a very strong will.

Cherox Ashwa

Ashwa is a natural Lead Horse that  kids in my Saturday riding school can ride.  He gets used on trails when there is someone suitable to ride him. 

He is a very pretty 14. hh Chestnut gelding who is lively and fast. Here he is being led by one of my favourite young helpers Sarah who rides him well.  He won a first prize in the recent Cooktown Agriculture Show with Sarah leading him.!

Cherox Zorrow

Zorro is my baby - my main man.  My mate  Kevin unfavourably refers to him as the Spoilt Brat and Sir Zorro.  He gets used as my Lead Horse occasionally but mainly used as my special horse for when I want to escape from life and just go for a ride on my own - just me and him.  Sometimes I cannot be bothered with riding - just feel like a stroll in the bush where Zorro, quite happily, leaves any other horse he is paddocked with, to join me.  We walk for miles - no lead rope on him - he follows like a faithful dog.  These times are very special!  

Sarah entered him in the Galloway Section of the recent Cooktown Agriculture Show where he won of course!

Zorro - Jan 2010 - on a wet day.

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