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There is no such thing as a silly question 'cos they are the easiest to answer!

What time do you go out?

Depends on when you want too although mornings before it gets too hot and late afternoons when it's much cooler are the best times.

Where do you go?

The Bush rides are that - out in the bush. The beach rides are either to Walker Bay or Finch Bay.  Depending on which ride you have chosen I make my mind up where we exactly go after seeing you on the horse..

What do I wear and what do I bring.

You will need to wear long pants that cover the ankles and shoes and socks as we could go through some scratchy bushes.  Also a shirt that covers your back - there are alot of green ants out there which sometimes we just can't avoid.  You should have already put on your own sunscreen.   I supply the water, hard hat and of course the horse.

I have ridden horses all my life but my boyfriend has never ridden.  Do you have a horse to suit both of us?

Yes of course - but the pace of the ride is determined by the most newest rider.

How far is it from Cooktown and how do I get there?

The stables where we will be heading out from are about 6km from Cooktown.  You take the Mulligan Highway south towards Cairns and about 5 km along it you will see a Keatings Lagoon turn off sign.  Turn off there into Hutchinson Street but don't go left to Keatings Lagoon.  Follow the bitumen road right for a few meters and you will see a Shambrook Road street sign pointing to some trees and a tiny dirt track.  Turn left into that track - Shambrook Road - and follow it for 680 meters where you will come to a clearing, paddocks and the stables.

How old does a child need to be?

The child should be at least 5 years old because they can follow instructions but I have lead out 3 1/2 year olds' but these were able to support themselves and were quite special for being so horse mad at such a young age - future famous equestrians in the making!  I definately do not allow babies being held in front by the parent.

My boyfriend weighs 100 kg - is that OK?

Just - and  only if  Hector is available.  Certainly not over 110 kg - they are horses not elephants!

And these are the questions that I will ask you

How tall, how heavy, how many times have you ridden?

Can you pay a deposit to confirm your booking please? (online)

Where can we meet the day before the ride so I can collect the amount for the ride owing?

We will be going out in the bush, without any back up vehicle or communication so do you have any medical condition that I need to know about so I can choose a different trail?

Do you want a cuppa or a cold beer at the end of the ride?

'Horseback riding is life - the rest is just details'.

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