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Hector & Bridgett

Hector - A big gentle Standard Bred gelding.

I purchased Hector and Thomas as ex trotters rescued from a pet-food meatworks in July 2000 as foundation horses to start my trail ride business with  I bought them sight unseen and I wasn't disappointed. Hector is perfect for any rider of any experience - big or small.  He does revert back to his large powerful strides every now and then but other than that he is a perfect trail/kids riding club/riding horse in every way. 

Horse Hector

Bridgett - A 14. hh part paint older mare.

Another perfect trail horse for kids and lighter adults that haven't ridden much before.  She is a pretty little mare that just loves to follow - perfect for trail riding.  She won a couple of 1st's in the Cooktown Agriculture show in the leading riders under 5 year classes.  Here she is with young Izzy Johnston one of my riding club kids doing the big 3 day beach trek, October 2009.  Everyone, especially mother's, just love her.

Horse Bridgett

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people!

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