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Dusty & Toffee

Dusty - A big black/brown aged gelding.

I bought Dusty with Mac and Manuel in 2000 as starter foundation horses to start the trail rides with.  I couldn't have done it without them!  Dusty is just perfect for babies and grannies that haven't ridden before.  In fact anyone can ride him. The below photos are of some of my riding club kids playing about on him and of young Tahlia who learnt to ride on him.  He is one of my most requested horses.

horse dusty

Toffee - A bombproof slower horse that anyone could ride.   

Toffee was given to me in 2007 by a family whose kids had all left home.   I was on the wait list for years - waiting for that day!  He is perfect as a led horse for the very young and a trail horse for beginner riders, especially lighter nervous mums and grannies and any kid rider. Here he is au-natural after being in the long grass - he loves to sneak away on his own or with Bridgett and find secret corners where the grass is untouched.

Horse Toffee

'A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care.' - Pat Parelli

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