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Jordyn Towsend


Hi Sharon,
Just wondering if you guys are still operating, had a look on your home page and i am unsure. Some relatives of mine are looking to go for a ride when they come up to cook town and i suggested you guys based off research. Just wondering if you guys are still open?
May 2018
Mabelene Whap


Hi Sharon
I just seen a post on facebook regarding you closing down, I would like to have a chat with you regarding my research in starting up a horse trail ride in Seisia up further north to Cape York. I would also like to speak to you about negotiating prices for your beautiful horses that you's have for sale to start up our trail rides. We have about a dozen horses but mares mainly with young colts and phillys se we wanted to look into getting more to start up before these youngs ones come in


Hi Sharon.....is the riding school still operational as our family is coming to Cooktown in May 2017 and would love a ride with you? Thanks from Peter
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